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Martial Arts

Ages 3.5-Adult

Our Martial Arts classes include Taekwiondo, ground work, boxing, etc. but most importantly, character development.

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Kids Fitness

Ages 5-18

CrossFit Threshold Kids is a level-based character-driven fitness program.

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About Us

World-Class Instruction. Character-Driven

Master Graf and his staff have been teaching children and adults for over 2 decades. Believe’s formula for success is simple, whether it’s Taekwondo or Krav Maga we provide students with the absolute highest level of martial arts instruction in a clean, safe and positive environment. Believe Master instructor Antony Graf cares deeply about each student’s success, he and Believes’s highly skilled team of instructors are devoted to seeing each student develop to their highest potential both as martial artists and as individuals.
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Martial Arts Class Schedules (Falls Location)

Martial Arts Class Program is a 3 class per week program

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

3:30-4:00- Little Ninjas Early Option (Little Ninjas ages 3-5 preferred) 

4:00-4:30- Little Ninjas Group 1 (3.5 & 4 years olds)

4:30-5:00- Little Ninjas Group 2 (5 year olds)

5:00-5:30- Little Ninjas Group 2 (6 year olds)

5:30-6:15- Students 7, 8 & 9 years old (White Yellow & Orange Belts) 

6:15-7:00- Students 10, 11, 12, 13,14 years old (White Yellow & Orange Belts)


Tuesday & Thursday 

3:45-4:15PM Advanced Little Ninjas (orange and above) 

4:15-5:00 PM-Tiger Orange, Green & Purple Belts 7-14 Years old

5:00-5:45 PM Blue & Brown belt, red belt all ages 7-14 Years old 

5:45 PM-6:30 PM Tiger Red and above, all ages

                               5:45-6:30 PM Black Belts & Students 15+ (Early Option-CrossFit Side)

6:30-7:15- Black belts and Students 15 and above (Believe Side)



8:00 Black Belt prep

8:45 Advanced Little Ninjas

9:15 Ages 7,8,9 Tiger Orange-Red Belt

10:00 Ages 10,11,12,13 Tiger Orange-Red Belt

10:45 Ages 14 plus (On Sparring days, black Belts go to age group)

11:30 Weapons

(Sparring is on the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month and is not mandatory)

Martial Arts Class Schedule (Dadeland Location)

Monday and Wednesday 

9:00 AM–10:00 AM: Adult Conditioning

3:10 PM- 3:40 PM: Ages 3 – 4 years old 

3:45 PM- 4:30 PM: White – Yellow (Ages 7-11)

4:35 PM- 5:05 PM: Ages 5 – 6 years old

5:10 PM- 5:55 PM: A. Yellow/A. Orange

6:00 PM- 6:45 PM: Green and above

6:50 PM- 7:35 PM: Ages 12+ Teen Wolves


Tuesday & Thursday 

9:00 AM–10:00 AM: Adult Conditioning

3:10 PM- 3:40 PM: Ages 3 – 4 years old 

3:45 PM- 4:30 PM: A. Yellow/A. Orange

4:35 PM- 5:05 PM: Ages 5 – 6 years old

5:10 PM- 5:55 PM: Green and above

6:00 PM- 6:45 PM: White – Yellow (Ages 7-11)

6:50 PM- 7:35 PM: Ages 12+ Teen Wolves



9:00 AM–9:30 AM 4-6 Year olds

Speciality classes, sparring and weapons will be held at the Falls location. Please ask a Master Instructor to confirm eligibility.

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